Thursday, January 27, 2011

Can't say I didn't try

I like to think that i'm relatively welcoming and accomodating person, that I give people a go. Yes, I can be a judgemental bitch sometimes but not in the outspoken yelling things at random strangers in the street way. More in the muttering "oh honey, I think the salesgirl lied to you when you were trying that on" from the safety of my car way. Much less toxic. And before you go getting on your high horse, don't pretend that you don't do it too.

But there are some people who, despite my concerted efforts, and believe you me, my efforts were concerted, that I simply cannot like. It is that one person in particular who pushes my buttons. Whose very presence gets my back up. I hear their voice and I need to physically restrain myself from taking off my shoe and throwing it at does help that I have fabulous shoes that don't deserve to be thrown...its times like this that I wish I wasn't allergic to pleather footwear. That's a lie. Pleather is an abomination but that's another story.

Its not the way that you dress or wear your hair, its not your shoes or your adversity to certain things which are awesome although there is definitely something wrong with you because you don't like them. It is your massive ego, smug self satisfation and decidedly misguided superior attitude. Its the way that you make the most commonplace and rudimentary comments into something accusatory, argumentative and condescending.

Just so you know...

You're kind of an tool.

Side note: Aforementioned person doesn't deserve Heidi Klum but she's hot and I couldn't resist. Also while searching for an appropriate accompanying picture for this post I have discovered that when you search for "bitch" you get an extraordinary amount of photos of Miley Cyrus...poor kid is getting whaled on by the web-iverse. Best Blogger Tips

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