Monday, January 10, 2011

Changing Rooms

Most painful process EVER: moving house. After 18 relocations across 3 states, one would assume that I'd have the hang of it by now, that I'd have a system. Nope. I still suck. Its not so much the packing or unpacking that bother me, its the pain of trying to cancel utilities accounts. Cleaning the old house. Cleaning the new house. Lugging sofas, refrigerators, and washing machines up 2 flights of stairs backwards while simultaneously trying not to drop aforementioned items on poor Boyfriend Cakes, who is taking 94% of the weight and is probably hating me and my little girl arms a little more with each step.

Also hated is the culling of the possessions that happens with each move. More specifically with the downsize....moving from a 3 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom apartment proves to be nothing short of a marathon effort.

I definitely have and RSI in my right hand/wrist/arm from scrubbing 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and countless walls. My eyes are bloodshot and puffy from bouts of uncontrollable sneezing brought about by overexposure to cleaning products (my lungs may also be ruined). My entire body is on the verge of collapse due to Boyfriend Cakes' bizarrely intense bout of construction and organising which finished at 3am this morning. In short, moving has destroyed all my places.
Moving house is a jerk. Best Blogger Tips

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