Friday, January 28, 2011

Hey Mr. Music man

To my new and highly musical neighbour. Having played various instruments for around 14 years I absolutely appreciate the continuing need to practice at your chosen instruments, to hone your mad skills and create musical nirvana. I'm really sorry buddy but Kurt Cobain already did that in the 80's and  90's.

Also, bongo 11:42pm...really?

A good point to note would be that it can be beneficial to practice an entire song, adding songs in their entirity to your repertoir makes you much more marketable and ever so slightly more credible as an artist. Not that your repetitious rendition of "go go power rangers" isn't groundbreaking but learning the rest of the lyrics may be somewhat favourable. Thank you, by the way, for getting that stuck in my head for 4 days.

And again now.

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