Monday, January 17, 2011

Indian Times Part 2...

In hindsight, I probably should have put this post first...On our way to and from Gangotri, which was our starting point for the trek, we stayed in a couple of little towns;

Haridwar is considered one of the 7 most holy places to Hindus and is home to Har Ki Pauri (footsteps of the Lord) the most sacred ghat. It was here that my mother was offered marijuana by a local which, to this day she denies accepting...and to this day I don't believe her, the woman had the giggles for hours. Altitude my foot! Here we also bathed in the incredibly cold (glacial waters ) and fast flowing Ganges which is said to wash away your sins and provide spiritual release. 

It is here also that I lied (a little) to a Hindu priest; while making an offering to the Gods, he asked me to bless my family (mother, father, brother) and then asked whether I had a man at home "yes" he looked at me a little confused and asked me if I was married so under the disapproving eye of the white dressed man on my right in the picture below I said that, yes, I was married...rather than explain to him that I am living in sin, and sould the Gods please bless us.

I had intended to make my India posts only 2 parts but for the sake of being able to add all of the photos that I want to, it will be 4 parts...

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