Monday, January 17, 2011

Indian Times Part 3...

After coming down off the mountain we stayed very briefly in the town of Dharali, famous for its apple orchards. The town itself is set along the Ganges and is so tiny and relaxed, the people are so lovely and it is exactly what you need after a long and hard trek.

Interesting fact: you can't get 3g phone reception in my home town of Ballina on the NSW north coast but you can get it at 3000m in the Himalayas...go figure.


From Dharali we travelled down to Rishikesh a town known for its dozens of yoga ashrams. It was made famous by the Beatles in 1968 and was where they composed much of the material for their White Album.
True to popular belief, there are cows and giant mutant sized bulls wandering the streets, people pat the sacred animals as they walk by...or stare at you like they know you eat meat and may or may not gore you with their horns if you start thinking steaky thoughts.
While we were watching ths ceremony by the banks of the Ganges, where people placed offerings into the river a young couple with an infant, motioned to me to take a photo, i put out my hands for the camers and they handed me the child (I am not a kid person) and took a photo of me holding it. Similar things happened throughout the trip and a taxi driver in Delhi told me that it was because I look a Bollywood star, Preity Zintar...that poor couple, they must be so disappointed, now they have a photo of a random and very uncomfortable looking Australian girl holding their kid.

Yup...the resemblance is uncanny. Best Blogger Tips

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  1. I'm pretty sure that if she ever saw a seal and felt the urge to impersonate it, you'd look like twins!