Monday, January 17, 2011

Indian Times Part 4...Last one...I Promise

I really had intended for India to take up far less space than it has...but there is so much to see that it seems to have dominated...and what Indian trip would be complete without the Taj Mahal.

I won't write a background history on the place...there are a million websites telling you all about it. I will tell you that it is beautiful. I will tell you that the compound is never really think about what's around the actualy monument. I stood in the archway that you walk through to get from the outer compound and stared, I stood there for a good couple of minutes just staring at this monument. It is breathtaking. It is everything that you hoped it would be. Yes, there are tourists there but it just doesn't matter.
You walk up those marble stairs with little medical-type booties over your shoes so as not to damage the marble and you spend your time in awe...there is nothing else for it!

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