Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lean-ish, mean fitness machine

It turns out that my investment in a set of those expensive, tell you all the different ways that you're fat, scales has paid off. Since December (that's right, over the holiday season) I have lost 3% body fat.

To be honest i'm not entirely sure how it happened...sure i've been eating better, I do PT sessions twice a week (these were cancelled over the holidays) and started running...but not 3% body fat running. I am the struggliest person running the Botanical Gardens track of an afternoon. I am the one who, after running from home to the track and up the big hill, walks a while and wills herself to run to the next tree...then walks some more...then runs to the next tree and so on. That is me. Mayor of Struggle Town. Also the Mayor of This Song Isn't Inspiring So I'd Better Walk While I Choose and Appropriately Inspiring One Town and currently running for office for Mayor of I Need New Running Shoes So I'd Better Not Run Until I Get New Ones Town.
Oh yeah...dedication to the cause.

I like to think that one day I will look this awesome an coordinated when I run.
Until then I will continue to buy running clothes, shoes, sunglasses...and running like a girl Best Blogger Tips

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