Friday, January 7, 2011

Rant o'clock

"Things are never good as they were 'back in the day'". How many times have you heard/said this? Is it because as we get older we develop a much more profound understanding of ourselves, our surroundings and our expectations both socially and on a personal level, as a result, our relationships/friendships are deeper. Was the past better or merely simpler? Obstacles and failures that we encounter now hurt more because there is more at stake and we invest so much more simply because we have more to give. The greater our understanding of ourselves, the greater the capacity for love, for understanding . While, yes, the past holds fond memories, are you willing to live in the past at the risk of missing the present? Move forward but don't forget the past, it has shaped the person you have become, just as surely as your present is shaping the person you will be. Embrace the pain of learning and hurdles, knowing that you never would have had the fortitude to overcome or even face it if it weren't for your past triumphs.

Not my funniest or wittiest of posts (out of the whole 2 i've posted) Its something I wrote quite a while ago after reading a thousand status updates on facebook about how things just aren't what they used to be. I'm sick of people wallowing in the past trying to recapture past glory...hate to break it to you guys but its gone. A refrigirator box fort will never be quite as huge as it was when you were 6 and 'back in the day' double denim was cool and boys punched you when they liked you, now that's just called assault. Best Blogger Tips

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