Thursday, January 13, 2011

Travelling Shoes Part 2...

Feeling exceptionally inspired after my previous post I have jumped into action...emailling frantically to and fro with the sublime Grace Et Cetera:

C: Traveling shoes. I need to get them on. I NEED TO GO SOMEWHERE. I'M DYING!!
G:I hear you. It must happen this year.
Say we went together... where would we go?
C: Rome. We would go to Rome.
G: Oh my god. "Rome. We would go to Rome." Stuff like that is why I fell in love with you, Cakes. Baby, Italy is calling to me. It is expensive, but I think we need to do it. I have somewhere to stay in Puglia, and we need to go to Venice and Tuscany!
C: We have to do it. We will do it! TO ITALY!!! We can hire a little convertible Peugeot and be ridiculously cute, cruising the countryside with the roof down. Being fabulous and eating…well nothing because we won’t be able to afford it. On the upside, by the time we reach Milan we will be hot skinny bitches and while casually strolling the streets we will be spied by an agency that will overlook our sub-runway height and catapulted onto the international modeling scene, thus ending any need to ever again work in our menial jobs.

So we're doing it, my morning has been spent researching flights and choosing dates, under the guise of doing work (a messy desk=a productive desk...scattered files and paperwork ahoy!) 

C: So here are the initial enquiries I’ve made for a holiday where we will hire a scooter and eat gelato and it will be just like “Roman Holiday”…we can take it in turns being Audrey Hepburn…although I really have no issue being Gregory Peck. He was a fox.


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