Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Ink

The first tattoo that I got, I shopped around for a tattooist, the first place that I went to has an amazing reputation, the quality of the work that comes out of there is fantastic...I just wasn't feeling it. It felt too much like...well...the tattoo shops that your mum told you about when she was trying to convince you that getting a tattoo would limit your future career prospects to being a biker, sailor or pirate.

It took  a couple of tries to find a shop that fit, another one that i wanted to go to was booked in advance for months...and when you're making an expensive, very permanent and potentially painful decision you don't want months to think about it. You want it immediately so that every time you get out of the shower for a fortnight you can freak out about the fact that the blank canvas of your back will never be the same.

I ended up going to a place where a friend had one of her tattoos done. Before my appointment I read every article ever written on tattooing...ever. And when I ran out of legitimate reading material I went to Yahoo Answers to see what crazy answers people had given to tattoo-based questions ]. Do you want to know the best way to make you instantly fearful that millions of people go through on a daily basis? Check it out on Yahoo Answers. From the people that brought you "Q: I can't stop sneezing. A: You have cancer." comes "Q:Will my a tattoo hurt. A: Yes. Your arms are going to fall off trying to escape the searing pain and torment. A: God will punish you for defiling his temple." Awesome.

Laying down waiting for it to start I was silently freaking out - 2 friends had come with me so I was presenting a strong and stoic front while a tiny version of myself was running around screaming inside my brain while waiting for the impending torment. The silent hysteria, only compounded by the ominous buzzing of the gun dissipated the second the needle hit.

Anti climax.

Allow me to be the first person in the history of the internet to tell you that my first tattoo didn't hurt. You can feel it travelling across your skin, you can kind of feel it making your lungs vibrate as it travels over your ribs. It feels awesome. I may also take this moment to tell you that I am also the only person in the history of the internet that enjoyed the experience of being tattooed  for an hour and a half for the first time. Yes. I have issues.

The actual tattoo is a passage in sanskrit from the Bhagavadgita: It (the Atman, the soul) is not born, nor does it die, nor is it that having been it will not be again. It is unborn, ancient, eternal, everlasting; it is not slain with the slaying of the body.

Maybe it was the lack of agony, fire and brimstone which made it feel even less hurty than it potentially could have. No matter, as with many things, the happy absence of pain and smiting has set given way to a nice healthy addiction. Its not a problematic one, I don't need to join an association prefixed with "Anonymous" I simply feel that by having more tattoos, my life will be culturally enriched by being surrounded by artwork which I can admire until the end of time. As with any addiction though i'm being held back by finances. I mean it is a tough decision...whether to save hundreds of dollars to spend it on 4 hours of ink or a buy pair of Tributes...

So i'm pretty sure that i'm not going to be a biker or a sailor.

Jury's still out on pirate though. Best Blogger Tips


  1. Hi!

    Just a passerby. Got your link of Incidental Comics, I think. I've soo many friends getting tattoos and piercings everywhere. I always ask them how it feels. Most people say it hurts like HELL.

    Even after reading this article, I still don't know why people get tattoos!

    I've always thought that tattoos with cool sayings are very photogenic. It's just somehow cool to take pics with them!

  2. Thanks for your comment! I'm going to have to send Incidental Comics a thank you card!

    Haha I always knew I'd get tattoos but I also always thought they'd hurt...a lot.

    But now that i've started I can't stop!!

  3. my flatmate said the same thing. I swear u guys must be addicted to the thrill of it. give it a long thought though! I think it's always good to give a very long thought before doing anything permanent.

    this reminds me of an episode of How I Met Your Mother... hahah.

    anyway, I'll be dropping by this blog again.

    have a good day... or night. it's night time in England right now. be blessed!

  4. The butterfly episode? Haha, you watch How I Met Your Mother AND you're going to visit my blog. You are my new favourite person!!