Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hypothesis win

My theory that by purchasing activity specific items one would increase ones level of awesome in said activity has been proven.

I recently purchased a pair of sunglasses for running as I felt that my running abilities left something to be desired and felt the inherent need for something to hide behind so that the world needn't see my about to vomit/pass out from over exertion face. The sunglasses are ergonomically designed, lightweight with rubberised grips and ventilated nose pad for anti-slippage and foggage. They're pretty fucking fancy.

So Sunday evening, Boyfriend Cakes and I set out to run together for the first time. Neither of us like to talk when we run so we jogged together in silence, our ipods spurring us on...mine sending my mind to strange places, often in poor Boyfriend Cakes' path. When we reached our running track we went our separate ways, I ran my usual loop and powered my uncoordinated little legs up the hills and around the gardens, I zoned out behind my strategically tinted sunglasses of awesomeness and pushed through the pain barrier, which to be homest was reached shortly after exiting the front door. I was like a machine, Vangelis would have been composing a Cakes specific rendition of the Chariots of Fire score had he seen me. I powered (like a mo-ped up a mountain) up the last rise and home. Without stopping.

That's right. There was no walking, there were no time to change the track breaks or i don't need to prove anything to anyone by running the whole way walks. The whole way...at a run, the speed of the run is beside the point, whether or not I could have been overtaken by a geriatric with a walker is not the question. The fact is  that I ran the whole 7-ish km without stopping. And I have my glasses to thank.

Let it be known that buying stuff makes you awesomer.

Like there was ever any doubt.

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