Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm Famous. And Damp.

Two things happened to me when I woke up today;

The first: I ran a few kilometres in a torrential downpour to retrieve my car from a public parking lot before the ticket inspectors started coming around at 9am and would discover that my car was, in fact ticketless. It was quite a stretch for me to leave the warm cocoon that I had created with surplus pillows but it had to be done. I refuse to get a parking ticket because its wet out! So I pulled on my trainers, shorts and hoodie, wrapped my iPhone in a zip-loc bag and let the sounds of 30 Seconds to Mars (and the thoughts of Jared Leto) propel me through the deluge. Hence the dampness.

The second: The "famous", was that I checked my stats on here. The last 24 hours have brought me my highest page views to date. I though "yes, this is it...I can quit my job, put my feet up and write for the rest of my life". This may have been somewhat premature but the reality ran a very close second to this. My little blog, or a photo from it has been featured on someone else's blog. And not just ANY someone else, the Tattoologist no less! I have been following this blog for quite some time, even long before I had a blog of my own. She has a lovely compilation of sweet, simple tattoos that she updates regularly, there is nothing else like it on the internet anywhere, I would know...I searched for ages when I was looking for inspiration  until I found her. Every time I check her page there is something new and every time I am given a new idea for a tattoo or for the placement of my next one. Please, if you appreciate tattoos at all, check her out.
She was picked up recently by the Swedish online mag, Rodeo Magazine. This has meant even more frequent posts which works for me!

Congratulations on your blog's success, NA Ridyard and thank you for posting my tattoo.

If any visitors from her site would like to see my other tattoo posts I have listed them here for easy navigation:

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  1. ooh i remember the day when u got the tattoo at the back of your waist..? really cool feature on tattoologist! i'm trying my hardest to get a picture of my friend's amazing tatt on her leg, it's a quote from Goya, four lines long! let's see what i can do...

  2. Haha yep, I remember having to keep cling wrapping it so that we didn't get blood or ink on the pieces!! I am so excited that one of my tatts finally made it onto her blog, i've been trying for a while now! Keep trying with your friends one!! HAve you got a photo of it, i'd love to see it! x

  3. cool~
    having 4 tattoos already! you must be really brave=D

  4. Haha i like to think i'm brave but not so, the first one was scary and the one on my foot HURT...suffering for the art ;)