Saturday, February 12, 2011

Apologies and Pirate Ink

I must apologise for not posting at all yesterday, my day was thrown all out of whack by spending the morning getting another tattoo. Sorry Mum.

For those of you in Melbourne and looking for a great tattooist you should check out Fox Body Art in Collingwood, I've now been there for 3 of my 4 tattoos and have seen Matto for 2 of them. I can tell you now that he will be doing all of the future tattoos that I get in Melbourne. He's laidback, cool and really easy to get along with.

I went to spend the last of the vouchers that I got for my birthday from 2 friends. How awesome is that? My friends know me so well that they know which tattooist in all of Melbourne (there are hundreds) to buy me vouchers for...and what better gift, I now carry both of these ladies with me every day. You guys rock...but you already knew that.

Compass tattoo
Anyway, I went in yesterday morning to get some new ink. A nautical compass. In early maritime days pre-satellite navigation all the sailors had to guide them through unchartered waters was a compass and the stars. Being superstitious, sailors would tattoo nautical stars and compasses on themselves in the hope that they, like the real things, would guide them home safely.

So...maybe I really am destined to be a pirate. It would put some weight behind my childhood nickname, Scallywag, bestowed upon me by my brother from infancy. Clearly I was born for this. My compass isn't to allay superstitions. Perhaps to guide me through unchartered waters. It is a representation of my love of travel. It is pretty, not commonly seen on non-sailor types and just aesthetically pleasing.

The pirate gig is looking pretty sweet though and this could make me a shoo in.

I could rock an eyepatch.
And a parrot.

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