Friday, February 4, 2011

Rise of the machines

I have come to the conclusion, this morning that the robot revolution can't be far off. And its not going to be hyper awesome robots in disguise ala. Optimus Prime (also known as God) no...we are headed for a pre-politics Arnold Schwazeneggar, non-Cameron directed apocalypse.

After arriving at work over an hour early, to smash out some paperwork (blog) and do other equally productive things ( I discovered that the server was down. Oh yes. To top it off, my phone is down as well...I had effectively regressed to the early 90's having only landline phone and fax as forms of communication. Yes...we still have a fax and yes, we use it maybe my office isn't in as much danger of intelligent robot takeover as other places. 

During this technological blackout period which lasted about 4 hours, the undeniable reliance that i've have developed on instant technology became apparent. 4 hours! I was going crazy-literally. I called Boyfriend Cakes (from the landline) who sympathised with me over my incredibly misfortune at being without facebook, email or online shopping and being the ideas man that he is, suggested Chair Wars as an appropriate pastime until the server came back to life.

Is this what did we do before the internet, before internet and mobile phones...Chair Wars?

The very real issues that we face now is how to make ourselves less reliant on the technology which will inevitably rise up in a quest for human domination, travelling around at will with no respect at all for linear time.

I suggest investing in a carrier pigeon. Yes, they are disgusting flying rats but on the upside a liquid metal Anti-Terminator Terminator bitch in a red leather pant-suit and tacky boots isn't going to remotely hack into a pigeon, insert nano-bots and cause it to kill you.

I'm just saying.

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