Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Saving SATC

Over the weekend, I started watching Sex and the City, from the first episode for the first time since the second movie came out. The much loved special edition box set has been sitting untouched since last June.

After years having the show be my guilty pleasure I was mortified when I my booked a seat in advance, paid my hard-ish earned money and settled in to watch SATC2. It was traveling along at a seemingly acceptable pace and then it imploded. There is a certain level of tacky grossness that almost any woman is willing to overlook in the name of fashion and shoes but this crossed the line.

Emilio Pucci exploded onto the movie poster in a flurry of blue and white silk amazingness. I want it, and I want SJP's massively airbrushed legs of perfection. The belt detailling  felt a little much though and the straps on the Vivienne Westwood platform sandals looked like they would trip Carrie at any moment and send her sprawling onto the glittering Moroccan (that's right, Moroccan, NOT Emirati) sand.
While it is a given that the wardrobe was incredible, and if I could sit through it again without gouging my eyes out I would, just for the wardrobe but a Zac Posen antebellum-esque hoop skirt in an Abu Dhabi bazaar. Really?

Its hard for me to write about this film without descending into an all-out rant. And for those of you who thoroughly enjoyed the film you may want to turn away now. It was an abomination, the scene with Samantha spilling every condom that Trojan ever produced from her purse and gyrating obscenely to a crowd of unimpressed men, causignthem to chase the girls through the bazaar and me to simultaneously cringe, look away, consider leaving and curse myself for spending my money on a ticket to the movie rather than a beautiful lunch at the new place near work.

98% of the reviews that I had from girlfriends was the same, they were disappointed, insulted and deflated by the offering from the franchise. They all felt that the film had bastardized something that they loved. That it had been racist, inappropriate, narrow minded with characters created on gross stereotypes thought up by racist, inappropriate and narrow minded people.

I am hoping that the rumours are true and that Blake Lively will be cast as a young Carrie in the prequel "The Carrie Diaries". The girl doesn't put a Louboutin-ed foot wrong and the man himself has named a shoe, The Blake, after her. Who better to resurrect SATC to a place where we can again watch Carrie and not be transported to a world of insulting anti-tainment. Best Blogger Tips

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