Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To The Men Who Honk

To the two young men in the truck this morning, thank you. Thank you for your single horn honk, 1000 watt smiles and vigorous waves while I was waiting on a busy road for Boyfriend Cakes to deliver my house keys which I had left in the key bowl...again. You kind of made my morning, which had begun in disappointment when I realised with immeasurable disappointment that it was my alarm screaming that it was time to wake up and not an inappropriately late phone call. You also validated my carefully selected work outfit which I have mocked up on Polyvore, below...for the nrecord, I'm not really carrying a Proenza Schouler bag today...nor any other day, for that matter, it just looks the closest to the one that is currently storing all my necessary posessions. Although if anyone feels inclined to donate a $2300 leather bag to me from the goodness of their heart they should feel free. Hey, a girl can dream.


To all the women who feign offence when honked, smiled, winked or waved at in the street. Stop lying, tell me that you don't get that little thrill that reminds you that yes, you've still got it. There is nothing better, either than the wolf whistle when you're not looking your greatest, when you're powering back from the gym, your cheerleader-esque ponytail glued to your neck with sweat or wearing an old sweater and sneakers in the supermarket parking lot.

Yet there is an etiquette that should be realised when partaking in the lady appreciation dance. We truly do appreciate the whistles, horn honks and waves but when it comes to hanging out the passenger side of your best friend's ride, trying to holler at me...its a bit far. Yes its all complementary, and we, the complemented thank you for going to the effort to acknowledge us but rein it in a little guys. There is a distinct line between letting a girl know that you think she's pleasing to the eye and turning her into the victim of a barrage of blatant innuendo and vulgar hand gestures. There is a strong possibility that screaming out the window that she should lick, suck, or fuck any part of your anatomy will not end with a smile at you so much as a lit cigarette being flicked in your open window. It's been known to happen.

So honk, smile, wave, whistle. The ladies really do love it. While you might not get acknowledgement each time, that coy little smile she smiles to herself once she thinks she's past your line of sight is for you.

Lets just keep it G-rated.
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