Saturday, February 12, 2011

Travelling pants

As a woman, one of the greatest problems faced when travelling. Is wardrobe.

Source: Jess Hart
Obviously your destination and travelling companions dictate a large part of what you need to take. There are some holidays where all you need to pack is a bikini, some where you will spend a month in hiking boots and a rotation of little more than 3 items of clothing and others where carefully planned outfits in temperature and city appropriate attire is called upon.

But what if you're going to Italy...are you prepared to walk the streets of Milan wearing good, sensible walking shoes and practical zip-off cargo pants. Considering only comfort? I'm not. I'm sorry. I would die. It's fucking Milan. But...i'm not so shallow that i'll trade looking good for a little practicality. I won't travel with a bag that I can't carry/wheel/drag myself. I also won't spend half of my holiday putting on makeup or straightening my hair.

So what to take, how do you decide which pairs of shoes to take? If you take Christian, will Jimmy and Marc be upset? Will they punish you, upon your return, in a fit of jealous rage causing your ankle to twist leaving you in an un-fabulous and dishevelled heap on the floor? These are all things that should be carefully considered when packing ones bags to travel.

The answer. Take flats (flat boots are fine), take a pair of cons (if Jess Hart can rock them Stockholm streetstyle you can too) i'm sorry but you can't go adventuring around the cobbled streets of Rome in 5-inch stilettos. Take your Tributes or Louboutins, ONE pair of black pumps. And a pair of peep-toes or sandals.

Source: The Style Locket
Take jeans, tshirts, shorts, can be comfortable and practical without looking like a stereotypical traveller.  Make sure that you pack for the season. Don't take a vintage fur coat incase you get unseasonal snowfall in Spring. Because that it just stupid.

I assure you. You can look good and not have seventeen blisters, a twisted ankle and chafing from your leather shorts. Rachel Bilson looked hot in them at the Sunglass Hut press conference (they are yet to design something that she doesn't look hot in) , she did not go traipsing around Venice, climbing in and out of gondolas in them.

If you're going in summer, by all means, wear silk. It is light, beautiful, takes up next to no room in your bag and always, ALWAYS looks amazing.

Don't can always shop while you're is Italy after all. Best Blogger Tips


  1. as for the shoe comment, i'm afraid loubs & jimmy's hv to stay home n be gd babies. i think the BEST shoes to take travelling, are practical, for work AND are amazingly versatile is a pair of Ferragamo Vara shoes in black. They are perfect midi close-toe heels, under $500 and absolute investment!!! :)

    loving ur post as usual baby xoxo

  2. It's always such a frustrating procedure to pack for traveling!
    Thanks for your advises.

  3. My pleasure Anna, there will be more tips along the way too xx

  4. I really enjoyed this post! I spent three weeks in Italy last January traipsing around Rome, Orvieto, Florence, and Venice and packing was quite the quandry. How to look cute while having shoes that are waterproof and warm enough to keep your feet from frostbite after 8+ hours touring around Pompeii? These questions plagued me. I especially approve of the one pair of boots plus one pair of Converses approach for winter (though I would add in a pair of rather un-chic Gore-Tex Merrells, just for practicality's sake).

  5. Thank you Elaine!! Thankfully I will be travelling before winter but if I was I think I would have to go down the Gore-Tex path...there are some things that simply can't be avoided and the implementation of Gore-Tex Merrells for the safety of my toes seems a fair trade off!

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