Thursday, March 17, 2011

Autumn/Winter 2011

For those of us who live in Melbourne, the reality is that no matter the season its probably a good idea to have both an umbrella and a jacket close at hand because frankly our weather is kind of a tempestuous bitch. A bitch? Yes. Melbourne weather is definitely a woman. Despite her inconsistent nature we love her.

We especially love her bitterly cold winters. Yes, bitter cold with biting winds doessn't traditionally call for a resounding YAY but it does call for winter clothes.

Coats and jackets and boots. Oh My!

The staples in my wardrobe...surprise surprise largely consist of leather jackets and boots a beautiful black trench and far as the eye can see.

Meet my babies:

Frye Engineer boots. Image: tiiutigerlily
French Connection Sammie Leather Jacket
Sergio Rossi over the knee flat leather boots
I know that for the girls out there who don't believe in pants that winter can be a tough time, one of my very best friends still struggles with the occasional and unavoidable necessity of wearing pants instead of a dress...a weekend at the snow was one such occasion. For you ladies, all I have is this, wear for leggings or stockings under your heavier fabric dresses.

But for the love of Lagerfeld COVER YOUR ASS! I'm sorry girls but leggings are not pants. The only time it is acceptable to wear them as such is to the gym, running, yoga...any excercise related event and no, running to catch your train does not count.

Buy some pants.

This is my winter.
Layers and textures...mix it up, pile it on.
Be warm.
Look hot.

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  1. Love this, Cakes. You are the master of Melbourne winter style - if only I could pull off leather and boots the way you do. Effortless!

    Just stop it.


  2. So many people ask me why I moved to Melbourne, but you know the answer don't was the just can't wear coats in QLD!

    Its ok, Grace, I wear the leather and boots for both of us.

    You are the dress wearing legs in this relationship xx