Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Did You Miss Me?

Its been a few days and I have been suffering from extreme blogging withdrawals I've missed the feel of the keys under my fingertips, and the feverish anticipation of checking my page views every 3.7 seconds to see if anyone else has read my ingenious contribution of the day. I feel the need to apologise for not posting anything for the past few days. Look at me assuming that my readers check my blog religiously for another daily post of witty brilliance...excuse me while I deflate my ego. Anyway...I'm sorry.

I have been ridiculously busy at work, the monotony of my job has been amplified to solid days of well...tedious work just a great deal more of it.

I've also been pursuing an opportunity that was offered to me recently. Standby for the outcome of this.

The reason that i'm being somewhat annoying and cryptic about it is because its not a guarantee and if the outcome isn't what I'm hoping for we will forget that I ever mentioned it, lock it the box of silence, doom and badness and never speak of it again.

Cross your fingers for me though. Just in case.

Following the unprecedented explosion of page views that I have received after one of my tattoos was posted on the Tattoologist blog with a link back to my page I have been left reeling! I have had people from all over the world checking out that post. I am mighty flattered and grateful for all the traffic that photo has sent my way. I am also inexplicably thankful for everyone that is following me on google/blogger, feedburner and bloglovin. When I first started blogging 3 months ago, like a lot of people I harboured secret fantasies, like a lot of people that start blogging that I would be the next Allie Brosh (known in my closest circles as God or the purveyor of illustrated awesomeness) but alas I am yet to master the paintbrush using the trackpad on my Macbook and I am simply not that entertaining. I mean, the woman writes about bears, sharks, unicorns and velociraptors. Caterpillars and spotted dogs just can't compete with that.

Anyway, after regaining consciousness from seeing my inflated page views I was left with many questions. What do I post now? How do I maintain a level of interest to rival that? Should I get a new tattoo every other week to make sure that I am constantly featured on the Tattoologist...and if I spend all my money on tattoos, how will I afford to buy shoes, eat and pay my bills (listed in order of importance) and how long will it be before I run out of skin...?

I have come to the conclusion that i'm not going to try as I will end up broke, insane and wearing last seasons shoes. I'm just going to continue being myself and hope that this is enough to coax a few more readers to hit the "follow" button! I do like to think that i'm not entirely lacking on the awesome ratings and judging from my collective 30 followers across 3 mediums (I love you guys!) only a handful of whom were threatened and coerced into following, I have realised that I must be doing something right...at least a little bit.

I would also like to take this moment to announce that further to my aforementioned fame I am now shoving my posts down even more peoples throats. That's right, my friends, this little Cakes has had some of her blog posts published on Ezine Articles. Yes...I may have submitted them myself but they are on there nonetheless.

I am very slowly infiltrating the internet one forcibly marketed corner at a time. Best Blogger Tips

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