Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easy Like Sunday Morning

It was 11:56 when I started typing this so this post title is still valid. Although on further reflection, the rest of this post really isn't!

Sometimes there is nothing better than spending the morning alone in my apartment with a 600Gb external harddrive full of movies and TV shows and an endless supply of tea. Yes tea. Breaking the nicotine addiction also led to the breaking of my minimum twice daily Venti addiction, and has left me with a caffeine intolerance so low that a mere "Tall" skim latte from Starbucks renders me useless, my body enters uncontrollable spasms and my eyes begin slipping in and out of focus in a sort of dance, not unlike a traditional Eastern European dance, performed in a circle with linked hands, kicking, grapevine-ing feet, increasing so rapidly in pace that a rut is worn in the hardwood floors before the song is over. When the music ends, the spasming is over and my eyes slip slowly back into focus I am left on a serious come down. Wanting to curl myself into a ball, rock back and forth and shut out all natural light until the end of time. The problem being that most of the time I have had a coffee at work and am forced, for the rest of the day at never ending spreadsheets and hear the incessant clacking of of the keyboards around our open plan concrete floored, remarkably well acoustically designed and windowless office.

So yes, its now Sunday afternoon and i'm drinking tea, sitting in Boyfriends chair, while feeding my ongoing hunger for 90's TV shows and an oft shirtless and always dark and brooding David Boreanaz I am simultaneously filling in an introductory survey for a conference for my new job, my introduction to the new and already established team of which i am shortly to become a part. The problem is trying to think up answers which are true to myself and my beliefs but so serious that I come across as a humourless and bland which I like to think that I am the exact opposite of. I want to be witty and light calling on some of the greatest pop culture references which, being a child of the 80's are at my easy disposal. The questions is...will the other people get them. Will the new colleague with whom I have a scheduled phone call in half an hour get my references or will there be awkward minutes of telephone silence as he writes down my nonsensical answers with a complete lack of comprehension at my attempted humour.

The very future of my status within the new team relies on the implied awesomeness that I can purvey in the answers to survey. No pressure though.

The questions that i'm struggling with the most and one that I would LOVE to hear your answers to...3 people who inspire you and why?

To help you ponder the answer to this, I give you David Boreanaz in the poster sized photo (thank you teen magazine whose name I have now forgotten) that adorned the back of my bedroom door for some years during high school.

I don't know about you.

But I feel inspired.

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