Thursday, March 10, 2011

Its an iTunemergency

Having successfully drowned my 32GB iphone some time ago in an unfortunate post-gym water bottle spillage, my lovely girlfriend offered me her old one as she had upgraded.

This sweet and generous gesture brought me back from the stone age and allowed me to discard the $40 Nokia that I had picked up to provide me with the basest necessities that a functioning phone should provide. Making and receiving phone calls and text messages.

No camera. No picture messaging. No touch screen. No internet. No Facebook.


It did, however, have a dinky little flashlight at the top which is quite handy when you've had a big night out drinking and are fumbling around your bag in a semi-coherent state trying to work your very technical keys. That would have been great if I was a drinker or late night partier but alas, i'm more of the couple of glasses of wine and home at a decent hour in a state which sees me successfuly mastering the art of key wielding type.

I have just now had something of a catastrophe with this generously gifted example of technologically superior freedom. I have realised that this phone has a 16Gb capacity and the contents of the iTunes library on my laptop is somewhat in excess of 20.

iGasp 2.0

For those who haven't climbed aboard the iPhone bandwagon yet, iPhones don't allow for additional external memory. Therefore I am forced to cull my music so as to make it fit. But how? How do you decide who makes the cut. Obviously everyone has their own staples. The albums or artists without which you could not leave the house. Could not go for a walk or run. Could not catch public transport or be in any situation that would call for the listening of ones personal music selection.

For me there must be some Muse, Sinatra, The Smiths, Blink 182, The Beatles, Dylan, Coldplay, Queen and Jeff Buckley. It is a little worrying how hard it was to make that list as short as it is, obviously there are dozens of other artists, albums and soundtracks, each providing me with tunes to elevate my mood, play me a memory or drown out everything but these are my staples. This is where I start to build my own musical nirvana. Nirvana! There's another one that I forgot to list. Sorry Kurt.

So how do I cut down my collection. Who has to go?

I'll give you a hint.
Its not going to be Debussy.

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  1. Well, I don't have an Iphone but I have a Mac and an Ipod. And about cutting down your collection no idea; I can give you more ideas on how to make it bigger :)

  2. and I adore Debussy! I agree, you MUST leave it! in case you have a few albums of each artist- just leave one album for each, and you won't need to say good-bye to anybody! :) or pick the music randomly. then if one of your favourit songs isn't on the list, blame it on the Chance! :)
    hope, you find the best way figure it out.

  3. I have to say, I love your musical tastes. Got any Chopin?

  4. Haha Tereza, a woman after my own heart...I have decided that I will have to invest in a larger ipod!!

    You will be glad to know that the emergency has been temporarily solved, I have done what the lovely Dragonfly suggested and gone with 1 album per artist...except for the Beatles...and Dylan...and Muse...

    Vil there certainly is Chopin in there!!!