Friday, March 11, 2011

Long Weekend

 Long weekends are the stuff of dreams. 3 days of freedom for which you do not have to sacrifice even one minute of your slowly accumulating annual leave. Any extended period of hiatus from the daily grind is a win but there is something magical about being able to stay in bed all day and not feel like you've wasted half of your weekend, drinking a good bottle of wine (yes, I do this on regular weekends but long weekends are different), doing nothing.

Oh yes.

Long weekends are where its at. Every weekend should consist of 3 days, nullifying those horrible Mondays which mark the end of your weekend shenanigans and the beginning of 5 days of soul crushing work. On Mondays, the coming weekend full of wonder and dreams of frolicking seem so far away. I think that a four day working week would nip this right in the bud.

So my long weekend will be...lonely.

Poor Boyfriend Cakes will be working, his mad skills have been called upon and he will be hours away, somewhere that isn't at home or even in the general vicinity of home. I will however be using this time living room will be a flurry of source, documentaries, references and other busy research flavoured paraphernalia.

What am I reasearching you ask? Its a nwe project. Oh how I love a good project! All will be revealed in due course. Yep, i'm going to be all secretive and annoying but I promise I won't mention it again until it comes to pass.

But I would suggest having your excited pants at the ready.

I know I do. Best Blogger Tips

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