Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Sunglasses. My Life.

As I left the house this morning I did a very tired mental checklist of all the things that I needed for the day, to make sure I didn't forget anything vital as I have been known to do. Once I got in the car and we were on our way (Boyfriend Cakes and I opted for the lazy drive to work due to extreme levels of exhaustion) I had a small moment of panic when I thought that I had left my phone at home...if anyone else has ever done this you will understand the torture of trying to make it through an entire day at work without Word With Friends, intermittent Facebook checks or text messages. Especially if you work in an environment where you are able to have your phone close at hand. Even more so when you're waiting on a very very important phone call like I am today. Luckily my phone was just hiding in my back pocket, sandwiched firmly between my ample right butt check (the left is equally ample...thought I should clear this up in case you all started thinking I had a lop-sided butt) and my ergonomically designed car seat. Crisis averted.

Feeling relaxed and still a little reluctant to be heading to work rather than burrowing into the warm doona filled wonderland which is my bed, I opened my slim, tan leather (to match my bag and offset my usually black attire) sunglasses case and felt the onset of another panic attack. This one was valid. I had forgotten my sunglasses. Those who know me understand what a travesty this is. I am never seen without sunglasses about my person during daylight hours. It doesn't matter if its overcast and raining, those puppies will protect my eyes from the sneaky UV that filters through the clouds and save my semi-carefully applied eye makeup from the would be sabotaging of ninja rain*. I was onced asked by a girlfriend after parading a new pair of Marc Jacobs avitors for her approval, how many pairs of sunglasses I had. I had to stop and the time it was peaking around 7...not excessive by some standards but definitely more than the average person needs. The same girlfriend also made the observation that it had gotten to the point that sunglasses were a part of my every outfit and that it seemed odd when I didn't have a pair.

My black on black metal framed polarized Ray Ban aviators were strategically purchased (and given to me for my birthday by Boyfriend Cakes. Best. Boyfriend. Ever.) to be a valid addition to absolutely any day time outfit. And they are.

Look at them in all their perfect simplicity.

My sunglasses are the icing on the cake which is my outfit. Today I am un-iced. I'm a naked Cakes.
I may go home and wear them this evening while cooking dinner or watching TV to make up for lost time.

I'm sorry babies. I didn't mean to forget you.

Forgive me?

*Ninja rain is the kind of precipitation that seems harmless enough until it becomes posessed by the souls of angry ninjas and aims only for your eyes. Leaving you looking like a rapidly blinking panda that has been punched in both eyes.

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