Friday, March 4, 2011

Thigh High and Fabulous to Boot

Something has come to my attention. I've now received emails from 3 different Australian shoe/fashion sites all screaming that the newest trend to hit the streets is thigh high boots. New..? Correct me of I'm wrong but didn't these already explode onto the scene after Isabel Marant thrust them onto the runways and then Emmanuelle Alt was spied wearing the very same boots at Paris Fashion Week 2009.

Photos of the Vogue Paris' Editor in Chief in thigh high suede have been gracing my fashionphotographylust folder (the folder on my computer where I hoarde beautiful images for reposting and for perusal when i'm feeling frumpy or am too poor to shop) for well over a year now.

Please don't misunderstand... I LOVE thigh high boots. The perfectly fitted almond toed suede kind that hugs your legs like a lover and reveals just a touch of that delicious slouch that you only get with luscious suede. I missed out on them last winter and am thanking my lucky stars that they are still the IN thing...not that I care. I will purchase, care for, waterproof and love these babies until the end of time. I will team them with a pair of second skin pale jeans, shorts and stockings à la Alt or black on black on black a look which will live on, if I have an say in the matter, until the end of time. Always with texture, layers...a slouchy tee, an Alternative Apparel Burnout or James Perse standard. A fabulous jacket.




Let us all take a moment to thank the powers that be that Australia is always at LEAST a full season behind the fashion curve because of unavoidable geographical and seasonal differences. We get to peruse the runways of Paris, Milan, London and New York fashion weeks and fall in love with the key pieces and fall in love with them again when the respective seasons roll around to our shores and into our wardrobes.

Isabel Marant Fall/Winter '09

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  1. Hey !
    I'm following :).
    I love boots in any shape, colour or size but for sheer sexy - ness it has to be the thigh high.
    Love the blog

    Jess Xxx

  2. now, my world would be a much better place if I had skinnier calves to fit in such boots. I've podgy thighs. =(

  3. Thank you both!

    RS, I'm sure that we can find a pair for you...noone should be without a pair of these!!

  4. So beautiful you are! I think the Chanel Necklaces is very fit for you.

    Also i think the Coach bags in our site is for you too. You know,fine bags ok for beautiful ladaies.