Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Isn't Friday...In Case You Were Wondering

Today marks the second morning in a row that I have woken up and been absolutely sure that it was Friday. I get into that Friday frame of mind, a little more carefree than normal with a bounce in my step. That inevitable yearning for 5:30 prevalent in my every action but alas. Its Thursday. At least tomorrow actually is Friday. But by tomorrow the novelty will have worn off, there will be no spring in my step, no eager anticipation for the coming weekend. Just a wave of relief that time has finally caught up to my brain.

This week is the like the boy who cried wolf...only with Friday.

To make it more stressful I have completed a solid psychometric assessment today. My brain has officially reached its capacity for thinking, problem solving and creating recognisable though patterns and has entered a world of delerium.

Here is some awesome stuff that will make Thursday, who is a dirty shameless liar and is definitely not Friday, no matter what he says, pass faster but correctly express the very nonsensical and disjointed but still utterly awesome places that my mind is inhabiting at the moment.

I was just caught by my boss, who thankfully has an awesome sense of humour, making antlers on my own head with my hands.

This is all I have to offer you this afternoon, readers.
I am incapable of linear thought.



Pictures courtesy of we heart it

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  1. HAHAHA!

    thanks for sharing this, love. it made me laugh. =D

  2. My pleasure darling!!! xx Thank you for reading