Friday, April 8, 2011

Couch vault fail

It seems that my typing skills are not the only ones to have suffered in the week of intense introduction to the new work ninja skills have apparently waned also.

While attempting a spectacular vault over the couch, being too lazy after my first session back at the gym in over a fortnight, I had something of an accident.

In my head the move was nothing short of breathtaking; the love child of parkour and classical ballet, ending in a dismount that would have earned at least a 9.6 from the harshest international gymnastics judge.

Source: Parkour = My Life

Unfortunately the reality of the situation is that halfway through my iridescently beautiful couch vault, my legs decided that they had done enough of a work out for the day and proceeded to fall, as if weighed down with lead, towards the back of the couch. Ordinarily, you will find that the back of a couch, while supportive, is quite soft but alas the same is not true when your right foot is careening towards that supportive structure like a freight train.

Causing my dismount to be much like this.

I am now nursing some impressive swelling on the potentially broken toes on my right foot.



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  1. oh dear, hope you will recover soon! take care

  2. Thanks Marie, turns out it was just one toe, its a beautiful shade of purple now and about twice the size that it should be. On the upside its not one of the important ones haha i've just got a wonderful limp going on!