Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mr. Music Man 2.0

There comes a time in most peoples lives where they realise that they perhaps they aren't nearly as talented as their parents would lead them to believe. That while their father would proudly display his new hand-decorated, cardboard toilet paper roll pen holder every Father's Day, Christmas and birthday, this does not make them Rodin. Nor do the endless crayon pictures on the fridge indicate that they are destined to be Picasso...sorry kids, he's already been and gone and yours was not the only refrigerator adorned with drawings.

I speak, of course, of the guy next door, the music man whose less than mad skills have gifted Boyfriend Cakes many a sleepless night.

He has moved on from chanting "Go, go power rangers" to playing the bongos at all hours. The musical talent that he possesses could barely fill a teaspoon, the only reason that he gets that many points is that he can play proper chords on his guitar...the strumming style leaves something to be desired though. For someone who has clearly made music such a massive part of their life it astounds me that he has so little sense of the rhythm...I guess that's why he's got the bongos...

Of all the auditory torture to which we are submitted by this gentleman, I wish upon wish that the only one that I would have to hear floating up from his window, which he refuses to close by the way, are the incessant sounds of Mario Kart.

He decided to try something out over the long weekend, what do you suppose he gifted us with?

I'll tell you because you'll never guess it.

A fucking pan flute.

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