Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Problem With Being A Ninja

I know that we have already touched on the fact that by introducing myself as a secret ninja, the title "secret" is no longer applicable so I left it out for the sake of artistic integrity.

The problem though with being a super stealthy ninja being is that you tend to surround yourself with ninja  items. More specifically, ninja furniture.

With its very on set of ninja skills, it keps you on your toes...or off them in my case.

Oh yes, I have fallen prey to my very own ninja furniture on many an occasion. The problem is that I know its there...I put it there, I helped Boyfriend Cakes carry it up the stairs when we moved here. I nearly dropped it on Boyfriend Cakes while helping him carry it up the stairs when we moved here. Therefore one would assume that I would be fully aware of its placement in our apartment which isn't huge...its not like we move the furniture around on a regular basis...or at all.

Herein lies the issue; ninja furniture, much like a secret ninja is a master of stealth and disguise, such that even a ninja is on occasion known to stub their broken toe (which they acquired while attempting to vault another piece of ninja furniture) thus setting back the recovery from said fracture. Perhaps I am experiencing my first uprising as ninja overlord of the apartment.

I guess it comes with the territory. Being the overlord of anything, you must expect tat at one time or another, your minions will try and revolt.

Sucks to be you, ninja furniture. I still have nine unbroken toes and all my limbs intact, you're not even nearly winning.

You should be ashamed of yourself...I say as I hobble out the door.

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