Saturday, April 16, 2011


It struck me yesterday, as I was typing my previous post, that I have issues.

Real, honest to Jebus, may need to see a shrink, definitely need to get a sponsor and join a group with the suffix "anonymous" kinds of issues.

I love shoes, im aware that this is a well established fact and an affection shared by many a woman, and some men, I do have one male friend who has rather an enviable collection of sneakers.

While I am aware that they are in effect simply footwear, I see them more as works of art. Works of art who I may or may not have been heard to speak to and with whom I play favourites, delegating some to the naughty corner when they have fallen out of favour.

Images like this leave me with the bitter taste of burning envy in my mouth.
Christina Aguilera's shoe collecion

Jimmy Choo founder-Tamara Mellon's shoe collection
I seem, however, to be able to write about shoes with the passion of a lover, I have been known to call them this. I call them my babies. My family. I almost write for them as if to woo them, in case they come to life when I leave the house, power up my Macbook, log onto my sub-par internet connection and scour my blog pages for mention of themselves.

Again, I call your attention to my earlier statement, "I have issues".

Big ones.

I think its time that I found a hobby...other than one which allows me to indulge my obsession by writing about it on a public forum and not only forcibly causing my facebook community to read it with repeated posts pertaining to my glorious blog but inflicting it also upon an unsuspecting international audience, luring them in with a few choice key words and a series of pretty pictures.

Now taking suggestions for hobbies.

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  1. Hahaha I think I'm the only girl alive that does not have a shoe obsession- instead mine's handbags! And I think it's hysterical that you call your shoes babies because this is exactly what I call my bags, particularly if they are a bit pricey!

  2. amazing, i had just also seen the photos of khloe kardashian's shoe closet on something is telling me to get new shoes asap! xx

  3. Ugh, how are we supposed to save and think about putting money towards things like rent and loan payments when there are shoes and bags to be had. Especially when these celebrities are dangling their ginormous collections in front of us just to tease. RUDE!! xxx