Friday, April 15, 2011

Spoiled for Choice

In this day and age where we are shown something like 50 advertisements in a one hour television program, where every surface be it window, wall, floor or tshirt. Where even a fighter's back is fair game for advertising space, how are we to choose one product from that cluster fuck which is the multi-billion dollar world of marketing?

I come to this line of questioning as I am on the hunt for a new internet service provider and spent a good hour in a coffee store poaching their free internet ( can't really be viewed as poaching if they offer it freely...lets go with taking advantage of their hospitality and making it my bitch) I was overwhelmed with the options available. I Googled until I could google no more, I sent various messsages to various friends asking opinions and advice. can it possibly be this difficult to make a choice? Especially for me, the woman who can stand in the doorway of a department store at the end of financial year and decide in about 15 seconds whether it is worth putting my life in danger pillaging any of the sale tables with the other 14,000 women who answer the siren call of the bi-annual sale season.

I give up, I cede defeat. Its all too hard. And I need good home internet...yesterday.

I'm going with the first one that screams unlimited data for less than I'm prepared to spend on a bottle of wine.

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