Saturday, April 9, 2011

To my soul mates

I have been largely out of contact save for a few people in the last couple of weeks, due to winding down at my previous job and starting a new one. It kind of came to a head when I realised, via facebook that a few of my closest friends were now in relationships, going back overseas or broken up.

This kickstarted a frenzy of blatant refusal to be out of the loop in my friend's lives and denial that I had been neglecting these relationships in the recent past. It happens from time to time, with me anyway, where I go through a period of selfish laziness in which I will happily cocoon myself at home, screen calls and enjoy the company of Boyfriend Cakes, good books and a number of bottles of French wine. Once I snap out of these period of hibernation due to extreme bouts of cabin fever and the need for human contact I realise that there are a couple of key people who I have been ignoring. Not for any reason...mostly because i'm lazy...and kind of selfish!

At this time I go on a rampage, making sure that I get in touch with each of these people.

To the point where i refuse to acknowledge the inherent goings on in their lives and opt instead to bombard them across every possible form of social media, text message and phone calls until they have no choice but to know who you are. And you know i love you.

After a couple of phone calls and group facebook message conversations like this i realised that while some of the most important people in my life, with some of  whom friendships span up to 15 years, that there are some people who will simply always be in your life. they are the people that you should hold onto.

You do not need to speak to them every day, you do not even need to speak to them every week but every time you do see each other, speak, text, facebook, you both walk away from it feeling a little glow of love from that person and are safe in the knowledge that they are your soul of them anyway.

It is not only your lover, partner, husband or wife who bring additional meaning to your existence and if you don't have any of those people you are no worse off. There are dozens of people throughout your life who will help to complete you in different capacities. You may have known them forever or they may grace you for only a few months. This makes their role in your life no less important. They are there for a reason, to teach you something, for you to teach them.

They are the people who lift you up, laugh with you, let you cry all over their very expensive shirts and pick you up from various locations during your various stages of inebriation. The people who take your phone calls at 4am while you are on the bathroom floor of a nightclub swapping shoes with someone you just met. Who praise your ingenuity at being the only person in history to be able to break something on a couch or who pay for your breakfast when they know you're struggling for cash. They have played ninja turtles with you as a kid, using their Mum's washing baskets as shells and letting you use the good one. They call you when they wake up on a sidewalk after a big night out because they know you'll find it as amusing as they did. They are the ones who offer you help when you are too proud to ask and don't do the told you so dance when you fuck matter how much you deserve it.

These are your soul mates.

These are the people who fill you life with love.

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  1. I don't think you're selfish or lazy. This happens to me all the time, the lack of news from friends. I guess there are some people who like spend some time alone. In fact, i think everyone needs it - ones more than others. But you're right. We need to keep those soul mates. I really loved this post. (:

  2. Thanks tata, I really appreciate it :) you're right, it is really important that we hold onto these people, its so easy to get caught up in other things and its wonderful to know that no matter what's going on, these people are here for you and visa versa xx