Friday, May 27, 2011

A Picture of Patience

It has been suggested by a number of people at a number of different points in my life that I am not one who is blessed with the most honed sense of patience. Being made to wait features in my top 5 pet hates, it irks me. Makes me cranky. I'm not a waiter. I often blow my budget for the week because I am unable to wait until the next week to purchase a pair of shoes, bottle of wine...shiny new thing.

The point here is to outline how VERY good and patient I have been and how that has payed off.

I have wanted a good camera, a big black, slightly obnoxious, fancy schmancy DSLR camera pretty much since the beginning of time. I've ummed and ahhed, i've come SO close to buying one on countless occasions but have never been able to justify spending the required money to get one for my very own.

But there is a break on the horizon, one of my friends, quite the photographic aficionado is upgrading and in a few short weeks I will have a shiny Nikon D80 in my little paws.

Stand-by for examples of my photographic skills reflecting raw talent the quality of which is unfathomable given the lack of professional a year or seven, until then, prepare to enjoy some out of focus, blurry and overexposed photos.

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  1. You talked for me! Patience is not my strength, thought I am learning cause it created too many troubles to me in the past!
    And strangely enough one thing I have been patient to get is my new camera, my family bought me for my 30th birthday!
    I really thought I was reading my story today............can't wait to see your first shots * remember BE PATIENT, you'll get better with practice......