Thursday, May 26, 2011

Robot Truth

Truth is a funny thing. In theory and according to the ever helpful it is the true or actual state of the matter. In reality it is individuals perception of the true or actual state of the matter. It could be argued that the truth is the truth no matter what the perception, that the truth is a constant in a world of variables. To that I say, calm down crazy back yo' shit up. It's like the chicken and the egg, a tree falling in a forest. If you believe what you have said is that statement not made in the fullest sincerity of truth telling? If you tell a part of a truth, is it not still the truth? Perhaps it is not the whole thing but that portion of that truth is no less true despite being only a fraction of a whole.

It could now be argued that I have justified every half-truth, omission and self-percieved version of an event that has ever been. I have just okayed the million and one half-truths, omissions and self perceived versions of the truth that have been told, or incidentally not told, to me in the last...ever.

In rebuttal I say this. When I was walking through a neighbourhood that I had never been to before I happened upon a piece of street art, was compelled to take a phot of it, because that's what all the hip kids do and what is it there for, if not for me to photograph, and felt even further compelled to write a post about it.

So there you have it.

This post today brought to you by a robot on a whitewashed wall in Melbourne's inner-ish east.

I salute you badass robot.
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