Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alexander Squared

I would like to take this moment to thank, most implicitly, whichever genius it was at Wonderland Magazine who had Bjarne Jonasson shoot Alexander Skarsgard in Alexander Wang.

My two favourite Alexanders.



I no longer require Christmas, this is where its at.

Images: Bjarne Jonasson for Wonderland Magazine
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Return Of The Cakes...Again

So I have undeniably been neglecting Something Cakes of late, in truth I haven't even logged onto Blogger in about a month. The events of my life over the past month have been a little trying and while I have been left with plenty of time on my hands, I have not really been in a headspace where writing has been at the forefront of my mind. Also, I didn't want to start writing again until I had something else to write about in saying that I will write about it once and once only because no one wants to read Emo Cakes posts until the end of time!

What I have realised lately, is how your reaction to events of great emotion changes as you grow up. It is the difference in your ability to accept change and look at the bigger picture rather than spending what is seemingly an eternity wallowing in self pity that shows you that you have grown and changed.

At 16 I became the poster child for teen angst. I effectively lost my shit, I became angry, sullen and self destructive...the way that teenagers do. I hurt myself, was a terrible friend and in all honesty probably not a good person in general. I not only wallowed in my pain but allowed it to consume me, using it to justify sub-par behaviour for years. I refused to address it, burying it deeply allowing it to take root in the very fibre of my being, influencing and dictating everything I did.

At 21 I ran. Immediately. I then proceeded, once again to bury my feelings by any means possible. I kept myself busy "fixing" other people so that I didn't have to work on myself. I let myself be taken advantage of by people who called themselves my friends. I ignored reason and responsibility and paid the price.

At 24 I embraced it. I had learned by now that acknowledging your pain doesn't make you weak, that just because things happen you don't have to implode. That loving someone and being loved means not only that you want them but above all else that you want them to be happy and sometimes love means letting go. I learned that I am stronger than I thought, that I have truly incredible friends, that my family are amazing and that there is a person in my life who knows me better than anyone else and who I continue will support and encourage because he is the best person I know.

So that's it. 

When shit happens be graceful, there is no need for nastiness, you will end up feeling like an ass. 

Let yourself feel whatever you're feeling because sooner or later it will surface, better to embrace it than let it destroy you.

Rely on your friends. They won't begrudge you your tears nor will they judge you for being emotional. This is what friends are for. Friends are amazing.

Smile. Because the sun will still come up tomorrow and you really will be ok.

Love. Because there is no feeling quite like it. And its fan-fucking-tastic.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh Ruthie Davis

You thrill me in all my places.
Perusing the web for images of your shoes made me feel like I was voyeuristically partaking in shoe flavoured bondage with S & M overtones. 

I liked it.

A lot

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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Picture of Patience

It has been suggested by a number of people at a number of different points in my life that I am not one who is blessed with the most honed sense of patience. Being made to wait features in my top 5 pet hates, it irks me. Makes me cranky. I'm not a waiter. I often blow my budget for the week because I am unable to wait until the next week to purchase a pair of shoes, bottle of wine...shiny new thing.

The point here is to outline how VERY good and patient I have been and how that has payed off.

I have wanted a good camera, a big black, slightly obnoxious, fancy schmancy DSLR camera pretty much since the beginning of time. I've ummed and ahhed, i've come SO close to buying one on countless occasions but have never been able to justify spending the required money to get one for my very own.

But there is a break on the horizon, one of my friends, quite the photographic aficionado is upgrading and in a few short weeks I will have a shiny Nikon D80 in my little paws.

Stand-by for examples of my photographic skills reflecting raw talent the quality of which is unfathomable given the lack of professional training...in a year or seven, until then, prepare to enjoy some out of focus, blurry and overexposed photos.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Robot Truth

Truth is a funny thing. In theory and according to the ever helpful Dictionary.com it is the true or actual state of the matter. In reality it is well...an individuals perception of the true or actual state of the matter. It could be argued that the truth is the truth no matter what the perception, that the truth is a constant in a world of variables. To that I say, calm down crazy back yo' shit up. It's like the chicken and the egg, a tree falling in a forest. If you believe what you have said is that statement not made in the fullest sincerity of truth telling? If you tell a part of a truth, is it not still the truth? Perhaps it is not the whole thing but that portion of that truth is no less true despite being only a fraction of a whole.

It could now be argued that I have justified every half-truth, omission and self-percieved version of an event that has ever been. I have just okayed the million and one half-truths, omissions and self perceived versions of the truth that have been told, or incidentally not told, to me in the last...ever.

In rebuttal I say this. When I was walking through a neighbourhood that I had never been to before I happened upon a piece of street art, was compelled to take a phot of it, because that's what all the hip kids do and what is it there for, if not for me to photograph, and felt even further compelled to write a post about it.

So there you have it.

This post today brought to you by a robot on a whitewashed wall in Melbourne's inner-ish east.

I salute you badass robot.
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Excuses Excuses

I've been guilty quite often lately of going some time without a post, posting a profound apology (they truly are apologetic, don't get me wrong) and then slipping into cyber anonymity again. It is not so much a lack of material or time...I mean, how long does it really take to write a post, the awesome just flows from my brain an onto the screen...I lie, it takes me AGES to think, re-think, edit, re-edit, delete, re-re-write and finally post a blog which reflects an acceptable level of wit and pazazz.

Also, the successful choosing of an unlimited internet service provider and the recent accumulation of a number of different technological gadgets due to my new job, I am finding myself more and more easily distracted by the shiny callings of the many far reaching corners of the internet and technological realm. One could almost...ALMOST venture so far as to say that I am becoming more nerdy. I have always been something of the reclusive bookworm type, spending many a late night up as an early primary school child reading the works of Dickens, Tolkien and Shakespeare by torchlight after lights out, I am a self professed Star Wars fan, not of the fanatical type however. I didn't wait in line overnight to get the first tickets to The Phantom Menace, I can't quote you The Empire Strikes Back word for word but if the opportunity arises rest assured that I will hunt down a prisoner Leia outfit and rock that shit.

Just quietly, I am hoping that the aforementioned opportunity doesn't arise for at least a couple of months, until I have had a chance to make up the ground lost from a month of latent nothingness as a result of my broken toe.

I digress, the problems herein. I am currently the forerunner for Miss Struggletown 2011, juggling all of my new responsibilities which more often than not spill out of business hours, maintaining my posting schedule for A Drop Of Ink and making sure that I keep myself fed, watered and rested on a regular basis is proving quite a task.

After a huge week I was thrilled to come upon the weekend. What a glorious time, one where I would be productive, making my way through the pile of washing that seems never to diminish, vacuuming, scrubbing and dusting our apartment and making a dent in the extra weight that i've miraculously acquired recently. It seems that fate had other plans for me. My body refused to move, leaving me bedridden and after a while, quite agitated until early afternoon where I poured myself most un-gracefully onto the floor and dragged/crawled/clawed my way to the shower.

So there you have it my official, rambling, incoherent and somewhat thin excuse for the lack of attention that i've been showing of late.

Forgive me.

And forgive the miserable quality of this post...its a wonder sometimes that you all still follow me...thanks guys x
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